Secure staff data, rostering and payroll are all integrated

Key components of this DUKTAG Feature are:

Staff Profiles

  • No different to a Customer Profile, this contains 100% of their data.
  • You can create new staff profiles at any time.
  • Define and set multiple pay rates for each staff member according to what task they may be rostered to do.


  • Roster your staff/volunteers/etc to whatever they may be required to do.
  • Allocate coaches/teachers/etc to classes, and do likewise with referees for games.
  • Keep track of who is where at all times.


  • Eliminate the need for time sheets or other such time consuming and flawed systems.
  • Payroll is now a function of your staff profiles and rostering so it is just one click access to everything.
  • Staff can login at the end of a pay cycle to approve their hours of work, or they can submit a question that will flag when the payroll is being processed.
  • Process an unlimited number of staff pays in a fully automated process that has safeguards to ensure staff are not under or over paid.