Access everything about your customers easily and rapidly

Key components of this DUKTAG Feature are:

Data Types

  • Everything your customers do is recorded in Duktag
  • Booking & registration history records where, when and who they played with
  • Full financial and attendance history, sms and email history, and much more
  • All notes that have been recorded about every customer by your staff

Customer Profiles

  • Every customer has their own profile.
  • Maintain their contact information, age, standard, etc
  • Add customer images of you choose
  • Allow customers to create and amend profile basics online

Data Access and Use

  • Set access controls over what data is accessible by various tiers and staff
  • Use our Lists function to export data files for marketing campaigns etc
  • Use our SMS and/or email function to send messages to any group of customers
  • All customer data is secure and centralised