Easily manage all your registrations, competitions, and classes

Key components of this DUKTAG Feature are:

Competition Management

  • Take Online Registrations for all your competitions
  • Create and manage an unlimited number of competitions at unlimited locations and spaces
  • All types of competition formats, divisions, fixtures times/dates/locations/etc
  • Define all entry conditions such as fees, age, gender, standard
  • Allocate referees who can live record attendances, scores, notes, and more.
  • Manage re-draws, move matches, move and/or remove teams/entrants from div to div or team to team, apply point additions/reductions . . .

Class Management

  • Every aspect of Class Management is taken care of
  • All types of classes can be managed - sport, dance, art, . . . anything.
  • Online registrations and payments
  • Manage an unlimited number of classes
  • Determine the class location, date, and time allocations.
  • Define all entry conditions such as age, gender, standard, etc.
  • Set entry and activity fees, and record any info relevant to that event.
  • Move, remove, or swap entrants from class to class.

Bells & Whistles

  • There are numerous types of Registrations and we have them all covered
  • Use our Live Score Board function through any monitor
  • Display fixtures/draws, scores, and ladders on your website
  • We configure the system to meet your specific requirements