It is all centralised so everyone is easily informed 24/7

Key components of this DUKTAG Feature are:

Internal Messaging

  • Staff cannot login unless they first read any live Messages
  • Staff are alerted to any new Message if they are already logged in
  • Send bulk Messages to multiple staff or to individuals
  • All Messages are saved and/or archived

Customer Comments

  • Record Comments on customer Profiles about anything you choose
  • Referees and instructors can live record Comments to any participant Profile
  • Colour code Comments are stick to default black
  • All Comments are saved and/or archived. . . they are never lost

Event Notes

  • Similar to Comments, but these Notes are saved to events, competitions, classes, teams, games, etc
  • All the same capabilities as with Comments
  • Referees and instructors can be given Notes before specific games etc