Football Victoria is changing the game

David Clarkson of Next Level Football & Consulting devised the concept that became GO Football.
The FV Board & Executive Management team worked hand in hand with David to develop that concept into an entire brand.
They took a fresh approach on how to deliver these types of programs, and have now set a new bench mark.

How GO Football changes the game

Most large sporting organisations would love to have a brand that makes it super easy for people to participate in their sport.
Football Victoria had a range of existing programs, all independent of each other and all a little complicated for the customer to discover, register, and play.
Managing and delivering those programs was also a little complicated with various websites/webpages, online registration forms, bank transfer payments reconciliations, spread sheets for almost everything, etc.
The GO Football plan was to eliminate those issues, and :-
+ Create and build a dynamic brand that increases participation in recreational football throughout Victoria.
+ Deliver flexible, social football programs to the entire community.
+ Provide FV Clubs and other organisations with a total business package to manage GO Football.

The role of Duktag in Go Football

Football Victoria chose Duktag to deliver a total system for their GO Football brand.
We designed and built the GO Football website and the entire GO Football Management Platform.
Football Victoria now manages all GO Football registrations and payments, all competition management, all class(academy, camps, etc) management, all referee and coach management, all reports & financials, all data, and much more on their Duktag system.
We continue to provide Football Victoria and their GO Football Providers with all the system design changes and support they require to ensure our solution adapts with market changes and the needs of Football Victoria.