"Duktag" is the trading name for "The Trustee for Duktag Unit Trust trading as Duktag ABN: 29 599 808 309".
All correspondence via :-
Email: info@duktag.com.au
Phone: 1300 382 824
Post: PO Box 1198 Newport NSW 2016
Registered Office: 50 Bower Street Manly NSW 2095
Operational Office: 165 Prospect Highway Seven Hills NSW 2147
Duktag is a provider of Software systems that has multiple functions including Registrations, Bookings, Competition Management, Class Management, Product Sales, Credit and Debit Card Transactions, and all associated ancillary functions.
A Duktag "Client" is an entity that uses Duktag to provide their own products and services covered by the functions included with their Duktag Platform.

Terms and Conditions of Use

Each Duktag Client Agreement document includes all the Terms and Conditions relevant to that specific Client.
Duktag Client Agreement documents detail the responsibilities of Duktag and the Client.


Duktag collects and stores data on behalf of our Clients.
Duktag Clients data is owned by the Client.
Duktag Clients have unlimited access to their Data via their secure Duktag Platform login.
Duktag uses our Clients data for practical functions of their Duktag Platform only.
Duktag Clients must have their own Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions that comply with all Australian and State laws.
A link to Duktag Clients Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions is included in the Duktag transaction process for all Duktag Client Customers.


Photographs used on this web site remain the property of their respective copyright owners. All rights reserved. All images are used with permission and/or in accordance with their respective usage licences. Images sourced from Getty Images, iStock Photo, Jim Russi and NASA.
All Duktag Client website and content (e.g. Logo and branding and social media images) displayed in any way by Duktag during the Function of our product delivery falls under the copyright ownership of that Client.

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