Manage multiple facilities through a centralised platform.
Apply uniform processes and systems or operate them independently.

Multiple Facilities

  • Centralise everything in your Parent Platform
  • An unlimited number of Child Platforms (Facilities) all come under your Parent Platform
  • "3rd party" contractors such as facility lease holders can be given a Child Platform
  • Multiple User Access Levels ensures you control who can do what and who can see what.
  • Suitable to all facilities and programs. e.g. Swim, Fields, Courts, Halls, Rooms, Venues, Comps, Classes, etc.

Hire, Payments & Remote Access

  • Online Bookings and Payments that are integrated with Coded Remote Access Control
  • Include Remote Lighting Control that is integrated with bookings and remote access control
  • Duktag can manage all payments and the distribution of $s to Child Platforms if required
  • We can eliminate your need for costly 3rd party Online Payment Gateways.

Events, Classes & more

  • Options to enable Child Platforms to manage events independently; while still remaining under your Parent Platform
  • Conduct an unlimited number of events which require registrations, tickets, payments, etc
  • Set pricing, dates, times, special conditions for registrations, etc
  • Include all your staff rostering for instructors, referees, etc
  • Have every report at your fingertips. e.g. Financials, customer and event data, staffing, etc

If you have any questions about this or any other Duktag feature, we’ll gladly answer with as much detail as you require. All you have to do is ask.

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