Access everything about your customers easily and rapidly

Key components of this DUKTAG Feature are:

Data Types

  • Everything your customers do is recorded in Duktag
  • Booking & registration history records where, when and who they played with
  • Full financial and attendance history, sms and email history, and much more
  • All notes that have been recorded about every customer by your staff

Customer Profiles

  • Every customer has their own profile.
  • Maintain their contact information, age, standard, etc
  • Add customer images of you choose
  • Allow customers to create and amend profile basics online

Data Access and Use

  • Set access controls over what data is accessible by various tiers and staff
  • Use our Lists function to export data files for marketing campaigns etc
  • Use our SMS and/or email function to send messages to any group of customers
  • All customer data is secure and centralised

If you have any questions about this or any other Duktag feature, we’ll gladly answer with as much detail as you require. All you have to do is ask.

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