Integrate your bookings and payments with Access and Lighting Control; and its all automated

Key components of this DUKTAG Feature are:

Automated access

  • Control access to courts, buildings, rooms, etc with a fully automated entry code system that is fully integrated with your DUKTAG platform.
  • We have been working with a company in this field for years, and the outcome is a proven system that ticks all the boxes.
  • Your access control can be automated to entry codes for online bookings or any other booking method.

Automated lighting

  • An enormous amount of money is wasted by lighting being left on when not required.
  • Our platform can help you put an end to that waste and start saving you $s.
  • You will not need anyone with keys or even access to light switches; it can all be automated so you do not need to think about it.

Security and CCTV

  • Secure your facilities so you not even need to be there while they are in use.
  • You can even have a live HD cctv network that monitors every facility 24/7.
  • Remote viewing allows you to watch what is happening at any facility at any time, review footage, or save footage.

If you have any questions about this or any other Duktag feature, we’ll gladly answer with as much detail as you require. All you have to do is ask.

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